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Dr. Ma Thazin

MBBS, MMed(Internal Medicine)(S'pore)Dip Pract Dermatology(Cardiff Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine, American Academy Of Aesthetic Medicine, USA

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Dr Ma Thazin is a celebrity physician and medical director with well-established clinics in both Singapore and Myanmar. Her practice focuses on aesthetic body sculpting and weight management.
Dr Ma is trained in Internal Medicine, Dermatology, and weight management. She is also involved with the Singapore Association for the Study of Obesity(SASO) and has been treating obesity for 16 years. Her extensive experience is reflected through her success rate of 75% in weight management, as compared to the global 24.9%.
Dr Ma also treats skin laxity associated with weight loss and muscle regeneration using a combination of topicals and machines. She specialises in facial rejuvenation through non-surgical means using a variety of procedures tailor-made to suit each individual patient.
Dr Ma has held multiple interviews with different media outlets regarding Vshape treatment, anti-aging treatment, EM machine for muscle and feminine rejuvenation, and other popular aesthetic treatments in Myanmar.


  • Health for All magazine column authorship (2018-2019)

  • 5th Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine conference - 'Sculpt YourFace - 3 Deep Radiofrequency' (2019)

  • 3rd Global Aesthetic webinar - 'How to Sculpt your Face' (2020)


  • Content validity of a new obesity-specific health-related quality of life (HRQOL) instrument- summited in ISPOR 18th Annual Internationalmeeting held in LA, USA in May 2013 (Thazin Ma, Michael Wong, Vivian Wang, Hwee Lin Wee, Chih Chiang Lam)

  • A retrospective analysis of outcomes of a life style weight management program 2012/ 00745: (Dr. Ma Thazin)

  • Increase in cardiovascular risk factors in a young, asymptomatic and physically active population with a normal body mass index in ACC poster (Glenn Lee, Hui Wen Sim, Yanni Tan, Thazin Ma, Kian Hwa Liew, Eng ChunTan, Li Ching Lee, Hean Yee Ong)

  •  Predictive factors in Cerebral Malaria (Thazin Ma), Dissertation for M.Med,Sc (Int.Med.) degree (1993-1995)

  • Clinical study of alcoholic cardiomyopathy. (Khin Ye Myint, Thazin Ma Research paper presented in Myanmar Medical Research Congress, 1992.)

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